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Lettering Artist

Hand drawn letters, Sign writing & Design

Unique letter forms created for your very personal needs

Calderstones green 2.jpg

All my private commissions are unique pieces. I draw all my letterforms by hand and carefully consider a style to reflect the form, function and material of the final piece. 

I can develop a design to any surface, material or space required. By integrating letterforms and image, I can tell your story. My previous career as a graphic designer is helpful in this regard.

In this example I re-imagined the name Moonraker to reflect the new owners of this narrow boat, painted onto steel. 

Moonraker BW.jpg

All my lettering is laid out and cut by hand.

I am quite often asked why this can't be done by machine. It can but, hand cut and drawn letters are unique. Each letter is carefully crafted, making it a work of art. There is a human quality and a softness, that machines no matter how hard they try, cannot replicate.

I will work closely with you and respect your input, seeking your approval frequently, to ensure no mistakes are made.

© 2023 by Carving Sue

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